The Approach 

 Birds of a Feather Photography

Birds of a Feather Photography

"Growing up, there was a busy, beloved bistro in town, that always had a line out the door. Whenever anyone asked about opening new locations, the owners always politely explained that it would diminish their focus on quality. I took that to heart when I created NinetyThree Entertainment, knowing we would maintain the same "quality over quantity" approach." - Artem Lomaz

Catering to private events such as weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, and corporate celebrations, we strive to make your exclusive event the production that it deserves to be.

Intentionally averting public advertising and limiting the amount of events that we perform, and produce, annually allows us to maintain our high standard of preparation, and performance. 

Please contact us with your vision and event expectations to discuss in detail.