The Importance of “The Consultation”

“The Consultation”. Sounds kind of daunting, doesn’t it? As if it’s some sort of undesirable task (or at the least, a mid-summer Adam Sandler/Kevin James cross-country road trip movie). If you’re planning a celebration or event, consulting with every service provider that you’re considering can certainly seem overwhelming. That’s understandable – especially when you’re looking at your list of “to-dos” and your celebration seems to be so far down the road. However, as well all know, time does fly and you’ll have to schedule your consultations, and select your event partners (I call them partners because they should share your vision and work with you, and your other selected partners, to ensure that that vision is maintained) before you know it. By neglecting to schedule these consultations in advance, you’re running the risk of having to consolidate many tasks into a short period of time (not to mention risking the availability of each partner). However, like most things in life, it’s all about your approach. As long as you understand the importance of meeting each potential event partner, you can approach each consultation with the enthusiasm that it deserves. 

The key to productive consultations is to have fun with it! You’re basically interviewing partners for one of your most important memories – that should get you excited! Imagine that it’s like a fun date. You’re both getting to know one another; likes, dislikes, anticipations, personalities, favorites, and everything in between. A good consultation includes a “click”. In other words, an immeasurable factor that tells you that the event partner you’re meeting with is “the one” for you. This element is so important, that we in fact make consultations a requirement to ensure that we are the right fit for our clientele.

When selecting your event partners, you should consider a variety of top-tier professionals in their respective fields. Considering a few candidates for each service needed will help you piece together the team that will work best for you, and will vibe best with the personalities of you and your guests. Another very important reason to set up consultations with your desired event partners is to learn of their availability for your celebration. If you’re seeking top-quality event partners, they are likely in high demand, and also want as much time as possible to prepare for your event, making availability vital.

The combination of avoiding availability concerns, and establishing a comfort level with your event partners should limit stress within the planning process. Be cognizant of timing, prioritize the elements which you feel are most essential to the celebration/event that you’d like to create for yourself and your guests, and approach the process with a fun, and positive, attitude!

Artem Lomaz