Guest Blogger: Kelli Douglas [Bride]

A close friend of mine recommended Artem and NinetyThree Entertainment for our wedding. At first, I was unsure because it was such a small, boutique company and I was worried about what may happen if Artem were to get sick that day, or something happened, and he couldn't make it. But Artem promised me he would be there, and he was there for us consistently throughout the whole wedding process, and of course, the big day. After working with tons of vendors - I realized that for some, I was just a number to them, but with NinetyThree Entertainment - they knew exactly who we were and took care of all of our small requests right away.

Artem is very caring. He personally met us at the start of the planning process and kept in touch with us via email and phone. If I ever e-mailed him a question, he always responded (often even within a few hours)! He even called our parents and grandparents the week before to make sure they didn't have any questions or concerns- which they really appreciated. During the wedding, he checked in on us, as well as our immediate family, to make sure that they were alright and knew what was coming next, so that they wouldn't miss out on anything. It's little things like that, that make such a difference.

Artem has a way of giving you tons of awesome suggestions, but still allowing you to feel in control and make the final call. Artem is so creative and his unique ideas made our wedding day so special. He had us record a few words to each other that he combined into our First Dance song. He had an anniversary dance, with the winner receiving my bouquet. He invited our grandparents to cut the cake with us, and he said a few personalized words about us before our First Dance and our dance with our parents. He even surprised us by playing the song that my husband proposed to me with and announced it to everyone! In the days following the wedding, when I asked guests about what their favorite part of the wedding was, all of these special touches that Artem added were mentioned.

I had many, MANY, requests that could have easily been forgotten, but they weren't. Some were as small as, "please have our wedding party do a welcome arch." Some were as big as "my husband is going to play guitar while I dance with my grandfather; could you set everything up, and oh yeah, could we use your speaker?" Artem followed through with EVERYTHING we requested, even if I mentioned it once, months ago. He just goes above and beyond to make you happy!

For our wedding day, Artem got everyone on the dance floor. My favorite line was "come up to the dance floor, and on your way, grab two people!" He was so well-spoken, he said so many kind words, and never even looked at a piece of paper. He is so professional. Our venue did make one tiny mistake, and Artem was quick to fix it and make a joke about it, so that no one really noticed. He truly saved the day!

If anyone ever asks me for a wedding DJ/MC, I am 100% going to recommend Artem Lomaz and NinetyThree Entertainment. They made our wedding day and reception perfect and I can't thank them enough!

- Kelli Douglas [NinetyThree Entertainment Bride]