A Wish Is A Dream Your Heart Makes: Dr. Alison and Russell

Although Philadelphia is known as “the city of brotherly love”, on October 4th, 2014, it was transformed into the city of newlywed love. 

Dreams of sophisticated wedding elegance, an extraordinary city as the backdrop, and a guest list of 200+ enthusiastic guests was a great start to a stellar celebration. Cap it off with a handsome lawyer groom, a gorgeous doctor bride, sharing a romance that withstood long distances, the stresses of law and medical schools, and the cultural differences of suburban Pennsylvania vs. suburban New Jersey. Okay, maybe that last one wasn’t that much of a hardship :) 

Russell and Dr. Alison commissioned NinetyThree Entertainment to provide exclusive entertainment for their wedding reception. It was an honor to serve as their Master of Ceremonies for the evening, as a representative of their celebratory spirit and character, to their beloved guests. I had the privilege of taking everyone along through the journey of their relationship, which started as a secret crush, and evolved into the married power couple. The staff at Philadelphia Marriott Downtown only made that honor more distinct by coupling their exceptional service with our needs. 

Being the fun-loving and comedic couple that they are, Russ and Ali wanted to find a humorous way to put a personal stamp on the wedding celebration. Appropriately so, one day, I received a text message requesting that they are introduced into the room, to the tune of LMFAO and Lil Jon’s “Shots”, with a slight alteration – for the chorus to be singing their new married name. *Spoiler: after consultations with various audio professionals in various states, and some audio-editing magic, we made it happen! Needless to say, after a start like that to the celebration, the remainder of the evening was filled with more laughs, cheer, and newly created memories.

Wishing Russell and Dr. Alison continued love, pursuit of success, and never-ceasing passion for life!

Venue: Philadelphia Marriott Downtown
Photography: Majestic Images