Elegant Holiday Cheer at Seasons

Corporate holiday celebrations can vary in expectations, attendance, and atmosphere, based on many factors (such as company culture, seasonality, day of the week, etc.). NinetyThree Entertainment had the honor of helping Valley Home Care celebrate the holiday season, with the guest list compromised heavily of healthcare professionals. During our first year as their entertainment provider, none of the guests (or the guests' guests) knew what to expect. That was part of the fun. 

When it first seemed like we'd have a hard time pulling them away from the open bar, we gradually had them enjoying the various elements of cocktail hour, got them playing interactive games, getting acquainted with our interaction coordinators, and really elevating their expectations for the rest of the evening. Once the initial "who's the new guy and his crew" apprehension wore off, we started testing the waters for the dance floor. Many companies experience employees leaving the company party early (they may have to get up early for work on the following day, they may have kids and/or parents at home that they need to tend to; there's a variety of reasons). The planning committee that I worked with also expressed concerns as in previous years, very few guests stayed until the conclusion of the event. I personally took that on as a personal challenge. 

Happy to say, we kept them there - and dancing, the entire evening, up until the final song. It also helped to have the event at one of the top event venues in New Jersey, and the incredible staff at Seasons played a large part in the evening's success. I also didn't know how they would react to giveaways and prizes, as the company had accommodated some branded take-home items, but guests were lining up to try to win our prizes and collect our light-up giveaways. Essentially we were able to bring a Bar/Bat Mitzvah type of atmosphere to a corporate holiday celebration, and do so with success. I'm extremely proud of my team for what we were able to achieve that evening, which ultimately lead to us securing that corporate account for Valley Home Care’s annual celebrations.

Event Planning: Valley Home Care, Internal Planning Committee
Venue: Seasons Catering