High School Sweethearts: Sherrie and Thomas

Spanish class never really seemed all that much romantic while in high school. Come to think of it, no class really seemed romantic, but I guess that’s not really the intent of classes. Nonetheless, sophomore Spanish proved to be the setting for the beautiful beginning of Thomas and Sherrie’s courtship, and inevitable love story.  

After pencil-borrowing and casual conversation became routine for the two high school sophomores, Thomas decided that “lapiz” and “hasta manana” just weren’t cutting it for him. The somewhat traditional teen date night (movie and pizza) was initiated, and a true romance was born. Several dates followed, and they found themselves celebrating their one-year anniversary – this time at a luxurious restaurant recommended by Sherrie’s father. 

Fast forward several years, and I was honored to share their story with their guestsas the NinetyThree Entertainment Event Team provided exclusive event entertainment for their beautiful wedding. Full room lighting, a personalized name light display, and a photo booth were all added elements for their guests’ amazement. A pre-recorded message from Thomas to introduce his brothers’ dance with their mother, to honor their late father, created a hold-in-the-tears moment for all in attendance. As the celebration progressed, special moments began presenting themselves; the ring bearer catching the bouquet, guests collecting the LED giveaways that Thomas and Sherrie knew would be a hit, culminating in a sing-along finale with their closest friends and family surrounding them on the dance floor. 

Wishing Thomas and Sherrie continued, in the spirit of their Spanish-class history, “amor”, “salud”, and “felicidad”.
For the non-Spanish speakers, that’s translated to “love, health, and happiness”.