Thank You: My Love Letter to the Private Events Industry

We exchanged glances. It was very briefly, but we knew exactly what the other was thinking. As I quickly looked into the eyes…of one of my competitors (that took a turn you didn’t expect, right?), we basically could’ve just shouted out “can you believe we get to do this for a living?!”. We were at a networking event for event professionals, and were attending a games seminar. There are several seminars, organizations, and learning opportunities that are designed to help event professionals elevate their clients’ experiences. It’s there that I tend to see the same people. I see those that are actively engaged in improving their company, their brand, themselves, and ultimately, our industry. It’s there that competitors become colleagues. Very often, as our ultimate goal is to bring our clients the best possible experiences, and thus continually improve the industry as a whole, colleagues become friends. I’ve been extremely fortunate to be able to surround myself with the highest caliber event professionals in the country. 

I also recognize how fortunate we, in the New Jersey/New York area, are, with a bounty of catering halls and event venues, nightlife influence, and a diverse population that drives a variety of special life milestones. With that environment also come selective clientage that we’ve been honored to help celebrate with. The sophisticated, high quality service-pursuing, personal-touch seeking, positive minded clientele that has put their trust in us to make their event an unforgettable celebration for their families and friends. The appreciation level that our clients showcase makes operating within our exclusive market that much more special.  

When asked about my industry, I do my best not to romanticize it – there are inevitable stresses and difficulties that may present themselves. The beauty of each of our events is that they’re all unique, and that uniqueness may bring its own variety of challenges. But when you have a passion for celebration, creating a soundtrack for the memories, and for producing an event for your clients, even with the stresses and difficulties, there are no challenges that would outweigh the exhilaration of this business! On top of the natural exuberance, there are opportunities to perform in some of the most beautiful venues, taste their culinary creations, and collaborate with other talented professionals who are all looking to achieve the ultimate goal. If these descriptions invigorate you, or you have an interest in the special events field, below are a few industry organizations, and events, that could provide a preliminary overview for implementation and success in our industry. 

Suggested industry organizations and events:
DJ Times' International DJ Expo
Mobile Beat Live

As this was intended to be an exercise in gratitude, I must end with, simply, thank you. Thank you to the industry that drives me to continued learning, thank you to my mentors who guide me through the blueprint of their successes, thank you to the clients that have, and continue to, allow us to celebrate with them, and thank you to every member of the NinetyThree Entertainment Event Team. 

-Artem Lomaz
Founder & Principal Event Host
NinetyThree Entertainment